20 Best ‘Doublelist’ Alternatives in 2024

Doublelist.com is a website that provides a platform for individuals to connect around the world within the sale area. It is a free application and is an alternative to the Craigslist which is an American website of advertisements having different sections relating to the areas of jobs, houses, sales, and many more.

The Doublelist.com also provides services and features similar to the Craigslist and helps individuals for the same. The site is user friendly and available to the citizens of countries like Australia, Canada, Japan, the UK, Netherlands, and New Zealand.

Doublelist.com is a free website but uses some basic and personal information for the registration like the users’ name, an email to start with and a supporting password for the e-mail. It is a platform where individuals can find a lot of new advertisements and also upload their own which enables other users to watch those advertisements too.


Its user-friendly and provides the advertisements which people would like to see and also which they want other people to watch. Moreover, it has high-security features and hence it outstands other websites as it is safe for the users and they connect with the sale area.

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1 – Finder Master

The focus of this classified advertisement site is to buy the products and services easily on a single platform. The site has several sections and the navigation can be done either by simply using a search option or using various sections to go through the items that an individual wants to see.

People can limit their search choosing an area or region from the top column having different cities or regions mentioned for an individuals’ ease. The interface of the website is user-friendly and easy to access.

It has no complexity and an individual can easily explore the different categories as well as areas or regions. The site ask people to register themselves on it. It gives the option of listing their advertisements on the website by providing an “Add-Listing” option on the top of the page.

This enables the users to quickly add their advertisements on the website for other people to watch them. The website has its main statement as “Free classifieds- Easy to Post, Easy to Find.”

2 – Geebo

The website helps the individuals go through different categories as mentioned in the website relating to the Merchandise, Construction/farm equipment, vehicles, services, employment, rentals/roommates, etc. It also provides a search option in the top right to make it easy for users to search whatever they want to see.

The website is user-friendly and also provides a column of featured jobs along with other categories and services it provides in the column titled New Gigs. Another important thing that the website provides is the ease of location. A user can change the location from the top middle column itself as soon as he/she enters the site.

The website also provides a column of more communities at the end of the page. Moreover, it also enables a “Post” option at the top right corner of it. The website is user-friendly, easy to go through, and can help users find their choice very easily.

The interface of the website is much suitable for users and gives them a glance of all the categories and services it provides at one go.

3 – Oodle

Oodle is a web marketplace where the market provides several categories with a column on the left side of the page. The website provides all major categories at the top right of the page with the options of browse, post, and to make an account i.e. sign in. It also helps the user by providing a search option.

The website gives a major column to all the recent items that are uploaded for sales by an individual. It enables a clear account of the item with its picture as well as the name of the individual and the amount for which it can be sold.

Oodle not only provides the items for sales but job offers by different companies are also posted upon it. It collects data from different newspapers as well as different websites too and provides users with easy access.

4 – OLX

OLX is a platform where the potential buyers and sellers can meet and help each other in transactions through a mediator website. OLX is the most common one as it indulges in marketing too i.e. advertising its site over the internet, newspapers, television, etc.

It provides various columns like having a search option for countries, a search option for different categories, a drop-down box for the selection of English and Hindi languages, an option for login, and a box with Sell option which the users can use to upload the items or services.

The website provides the boxes for different items with their picture as well as their selling price uploaded by the sellers. The users can click on the favourite option on the top right corner of the box for saving it.

The website is a marketplace and helps users complete their purchase or upload an item easily for other people to discover and buy when in need.

5 – Backpage

Backpage was a free classified advertisement website but was banned in April 2008. The website enabled users to buy and sell online. It was banned as it contained an adult section too. This site was free and also provided different job offers.

The users were allowed to post their content as well as their items and job offers for all the people and enabled their website and services to reach several people around the countries that the website catered to. The users marketed their products through the website.

This was done with complete ease in a suitable environment to upload their items and connect to several people. The only reason that the website was banned was due to the column relating to the adult society. So, it was considered to be illegal and was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It was finally banned in 2008.

6 – Hoobly.com

Hoobly.com is a one go site. Its main page list all the categories of the items and services a user is looking for. It enables the users to search for any category that they want as soon as they enter the site. Besides the different categories, it also provides a search option at the top for more comfortable usage.

Users can access the website and post their items through the Post an Ad option. They can enjoy its services by just registering on the site with their e-mail id and passwords for more privacy. Hoobly.com is a famous website and provides the users with enhanced search material.

It enables them to post their items with images and description as well as the amount of the items. This gives an overview about the items to the buyers. As a classified platform it provides information about the sellers’ status or the buyer.

Moreover, the two parties can send messages regarding their transactions to each other too. Hence, Hoobly.com is an easy to use platform with a lot of features and services for the users.

7 – Eadspost

Eadspost is an online classified ad providing software. It allows users to enhance their branding with the help of marketing. The website offers several services and is the best place for marketing of services like the ones’ related to the advertisement, education, sports, health, home and family, graphics, photos and audios.

It has many other categories that help the individuals to use the website with full ease and find content related to their need. The website is system friendly and can work on any device. Eadspost helps the users with their requirements like converting documents, maintaining the database, their timely work procedures, etc.

The website takes full responsibility of the security of the users who use it. It takes care of the personal documents and contacts if uploaded. Furthermore, it pings the user for necessary problems like virus and cyber crimes.

8 – AutoTempest

AutoTempest is a platform that caters to car shopping primarily. It brings the details of new or second-hand cars and uploads it on one platform for all the users to find it easily. It also provides answers to several questions and helps the customer know more about the cars.

The website includes all the major categories related to cars and their price and usage. It has a drop-down tools column having options of used cars or review new cars or the comparison of insurance of cars, etc.

Further, in the next drop-down box, it provides with the answers to the questions like why to buy a car or how to find a car in the auction, the best way to ship a car, etc. The site provides with answers to all the questions and this is offered to the users as a guide.

The website also has its main statement or headline as “All the cars. One search.” The website brings together the listings from other websites like eBay, cars.com, Carvana, TrueCar, Bring a Trailer, CarSoup.com, etc.

It allows the users to search for used and new cars on one platform by making them enter the postal code. It helps users choose their preferences by making them enter a company, a model, their zip/postal code, and the miles. Hence, the website is user-friendly and helps users look for cars easily in one go.

9 – USFreeads

USFreeads is an online platform for sales. The website provides a base for all the categories the users will be willing to look for. These include the automobile and vehicles, business opportunities, communities, computers, health and beauty, internet, jobs, pets and animals, personals, real estate, shopping, travel, and tickets, etc with several other subcategories helping the users choose a specific area.

Not only in general, but the site also provides different areas and regions of the US and offers goods and services to the US residents according to their location.

Anyone can buy and sell items through this platform. It is quite comfortable for the users to work with the website. Users find the website useful as well as a platform for the individuals to transact. In correlation with all the websites, this website too requires users to sign in to enjoy its free services online.

10 – eBay Classifieds

eBay Classifieds is a digital market where users can buy and sell products and services. eBay gives a wide platform for the users to interact and settle transactions and help them engage in the dealings. The website provides for different categories like electronics, fashion, health and beauty, motors, collectibles, sports, homes and gardens, deals, and a column containing items under $ 10.

It provides a search option as well with complete ease for the users to search their preferences. The website also provides a drop-down watchlist which is enabled only when a user registers on it. It also provides the shopping cart i.e.

when the users save one or the other items in the cart for further shopping together. It also provides the daily deals that the users of the website do and enables all the users to watch it through that column of the website. The site is also brand-related i.e. it helps users find products according to the brands they wish to purchase.

The classified ads are related to different categories as well as brands and offer several subcategories as well. Users can register and enjoy several free services either of watching an ad, saving an item in the shopping cart, using the watchlist, uploading theirs too, and engaging in transactions on the wide platform available for them.

11 – Kijiji

Kijiji was founded in March 2005 and was owned by eBay. Kijiji is a local classified, a centralized platform for Canada and its regions. It offers a variety of services and offers for all the citizens of Canada on a single platform. More than 300 cities in Canada can access Kijiji for the buy and sell procedure.

Kijiji caters to only one country i.e. Canada and so it also provides the local addresses for the services individuals need as well as the website includes the search option too for people to go through the items as well as services which they require.

Dealings are done over the internet through the platform and the buyers and sellers interact and adjust their prices according to their deals.

12 – ClassifiedsGiants

ClassifiedGiants is a marketplace catering to several different categories like cars/trucks, real estate, services, jobs, community, business opportunities, pets, etc with further subheads in all. Not only these, but the website also provides for several more categories like Antiques, appliances, arts and crafts, books, clothing, accessories, computers, and many more offering a wide range of categories for the users of the website.

The website enables the users to sign in i.e. register to the site and make their account for free services and the users can enjoy its services and the features too. The marketplace also asks for the language offering two of them i.e. English and Spanish for different people.

It also provides a column of the Post your Ad for making the users comfortable to post their ads on the website free of cost. It also enables the users to enter their postcode or location for their ease and provide the services the website offers in the area that the user enters for the same.

The buyers and sellers finalize the deal between each other with the price decided and the number of items the buyer needs.

The users of the website can indulge in making their items available over the website and writing the description about their products and helping the customers know about the terms and conditions of the products with a full description of the quality and the price to avoid confusion at the time of dealing and transacting on the platform.

13 – Gumtree

Gumtree is a classified ad platform having a wide variety of categories that are offered to all the people throughout. The site mainly caters to the United Kingdom dealing in different goods and services for the people of the United Kingdom.

It provides cars and vehicles, property, jobs, services, community, pets, and many more. The site provides for the search option too as the people can easily search their preferences over it without delay.

Gumtree helps in providing for the employment, advertisements, either posting one or searching one and also refer to the advertisements that one wants to look for. The individuals can also buy and sell the products through the platform and the buyers and sellers can interact with each other regarding dealings to avoid any type of confusion.

The individuals can use the site’s features and enjoy its services by clicking on the login option and registering themselves for the same so that they get several features and services and can help themselves by looking for their preferences over the website.

14 – Recycler

Recycler is a classified and ads website for second-hand product usage only as of the name itself suggests. Similar to the other classified ads website, the recycler also provides several categories like the pets, house, rooms, cars and vehicles, apartments, etc and a wide variety of sub-categories but all the items cater to the users who have their preferences for second-hand products.

The jobs can also be searched on this website and people can get employment through the same. Recycler does not cater to all the countries and regions across the world and can lead to no results for some countries or regions.

It mostly caters to the western and European countries and the regions that lie within them. The platform offers for several categories and one can post his/her items on to it for sale if the site belongs to the region in which the individual lives.

Similar to other websites, the individuals of the regions or areas to which the site belongs to can have all access to the website and can post their ads freely on to it by registering on it and making their accounts. It provides for the safety feature as well.

15 – DomesticSale

The DomesticSale classified ads website is a free platform for the individuals to search for the advertisements they wish to see and also can post their items so that other people can see and buy from it. It helps in getting the users all the advertisements free from the scams and shams and provides them safety.

It also works on the originality of the ads and helps individuals find proper original ads for referring and buying from the same. The categories range from the real estate, events, sale and services, garage sales to jobs and resumes, etc.

The site does not cater to only one country but is prevalent throughout the world and helps the individuals get all that they need through the website and the ads it contains.

Individuals can indulge in buying and selling from the website and can enjoy its free services by logging into it so that the website can provide with the safety option as to make their transactions’ safe and considerate and free from the theft and other issues of the underlying scams involved.

16 – Krrb

Krrb is a platform for trading and it provides ads for both the local as well as international level. It helps the buyers and sellers to work accordingly and fix their deals with concerned terms and conditions. Not only the national and international level classifieds and ads, the website also provides for the local dealings as well.

It provides a search option and helps the buyers to search the ads very quickly over the website and also helps the sellers to post their items upon it to let the people see and confirm their buying procedure.

Similar to the other classified ads platform, the Krrb also caters to making an account for the free services. People have to login on it and then they can use the website with full ease and post their items on it easily. It helps in posting the ads freely and these ads approach to a number of people across the world.

17 – Yakaz

Yakaz was a marketplace catering to different classifieds and ads. It also enabled the users to use at local and international level and helped them post their ads through it. The major quality was that it was updated on regular basis and was a hub of a wide range of ads.

The categories included the cars, motorbikes, items’ for sale, houses, business opportunities and several others. It was a site that was recognised all around the globe and helped customers out there searching for different items that the site catered to.

It helped individuals look for their products through the choices given and worked according to the users demand and the need. The website had the option for searching the users’ preferences too. But on the other hand, it was not a proper system and so has become outdated and is not used now.

18 – OfferUp

OfferUp is a mobile application of classifieds and ads. Unlike other platforms that offer a website, the OfferUp enables a user to use its services through a mobile application. It is a marketplace of buying and selling goods and services through mobile.

It makes it easy for users to buy several deals and transact accordingly. The application offers up the goods and services a user uploads in just 30 seconds, helps the users in finding big deals of the preferences they choose.

The application caters to categories like clothes, shoes, furniture, cell phones, electronics, baby and kids’ items, sports equipment, used cars, household goods, and many more. It offers a discount on the products provided by the seller.

OfferUp also provides the buyers and sellers messaging and interaction over the application itself and to fix a deal and transact through the application only is its interface. It is found comfortable by the buyers and sellers both as to purchase any item from the sellers and on the other hand uploading any item for sale describing it and offering the price as well as offers related to the products.

19 – Craigslist

Craigslist is an online platform for classifieds and ads and provides a wide range of categories for individual users. The website is user-friendly and it helps the users watch the whole list of categories that it offers as soon as the user enters it.

The categories include community-related, services, discussion forums, housing, items for sale, jobs, etc with several sub-categories catering to the needs of the people. It is a platform that also offers a list of languages that make it easy for the people to read content in their language and understand it better.

Besides English, the site includes Dansk, Deutsch, Italiano, etc. The website is country-specific too. On the right, it provides a column for the users to select the country they live in and offers services for certain regions or places inside that country too.

It is a platform providing free posting of classifieds or ads. Users use their services by entering into it i.e. creating their account. The website also involves an event calendar, a search option for users to complete their search easily.

Craigslist offers a wide variety of categories and help the users choose among them through the easy-going website it has. There occur no problems on behalf of the users to use the website as it is related to their preferences only.

20 – Classified Ads

ClassifiedAds.com is an online website that provides users with free classifieds and ads related to their needs and preferences. Users can even post their items for sale or can offer jobs to users all around the world and engage in dealings.

Similar to all the Classified ads websites and mobile applications, the ClassifiedsAds.com also provides with free ads and uploading free ads too for the users. The website includes several categories like the vehicles, services, anything uploaded for rent, real estate, community, pets, jobs, personals, and the items that the site offers for sale.

These major categories include several subcategories and enable users to find their smallest requirements too. The website provides the search option for the users to search for more categories if available or make it comfortable for the user. It also offers regions, country change options and helps users choose their country or city by making them enter the zip/postal code or selecting the country simply.

Details About the Doublelist Website:

Introduction to Doublelist

Doublelist serves as an online personals website that provides a platform for individuals to connect for various purposes, including dating, friendships, and other personal encounters. Since its inception, Doublelist has attracted a wide range of users due to its user-friendly design and commitment to safety and legality.

Key Features of Doublelist

  • Diverse User Base: Doublelist caters to a wide demographic, welcoming individuals with different interests and preferences, which contributes to a rich and diverse community.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform is known for its simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and post their ads.
  • Community-Focused: Doublelist places a strong emphasis on building a community, offering a space for users to connect and interact safely.
  • Safety and Moderation: The site has robust moderation and safety measures in place to ensure a secure and respectful environment for its users.

Services and Accessibility

Doublelist offers a range of services that cater to personal connections. Users can post ads seeking relationships, friendships, and other personal engagements. The platform is free to use, making it accessible to a broad audience.

User Interface and Experience

The user experience on Doublelist is straightforward and efficient. The website’s design is focused on ease of use, with clear categories and a simple process for posting and responding to ads.

Community and Interaction

One of Doublelist’s strengths is its focus on community. The platform not only allows for personal ads but also encourages a respectful and engaging community atmosphere. It provides a space for people to connect on various levels, which is a significant draw for many users.

Safety Measures and Privacy

Safety and privacy are paramount on Doublelist. The platform has implemented several measures to ensure user safety, including strict moderation of ads and a proactive approach to preventing inappropriate or illegal activity. User privacy is also a top priority, with measures in place to protect personal information.

Legal Considerations

Doublelist operates with a keen awareness of legal issues, especially in the wake of the shutdown of similar services due to legal challenges. The platform adheres to legal standards and actively works to prevent any illicit activities, making it a safer option for personal classifieds.

Alternatives to Doublelist

For those seeking alternatives to Doublelist, there are several other platforms available. Websites like OkCupid, Tinder, and Bumble offer different modes of online personal connections, each with its unique features and user base.

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Doublelist.com is a free web application that helps users around the globe to enjoy free services and look on to free ads and post their own on several websites and mobile applications. Several ads and classifieds websites enable the user to use them freely and to upload their items for sale free of cost.

Doublelist.com is similar to all such websites and enables the user to use its area of sale free of cost. The users use the platform for their transactions and can enjoy these services.

Hence, Doublelist.com helps the users of different countries solve their employment issues as well as purchase or sell items through an online platform that is user-friendly, easy to use, and helps the users get all that they require.

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