Minecraft is a sandbox or open-source video game. It swept the gamers-turned-workaholics by storm as soon as it was released. It grew in popularity at a dizzying pace as a result of its ease of use and abundance of modes.

However, users have recently begun seeing an error when attempting to connect to the game’s server.

Reports of the mistake have flooded the developers’ inboxes, and they are doing everything they can to solve it as soon as possible.

Every month, more than 90 million users check in, demonstrating the game’s popularity. Io.Netty.Channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused.

How To

No additional information is the error that the game displays. Furthermore, this problem does not affect just one server, but all of them.

What is the Io.Netty.Channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException Error all About?

The developers explored or studied the issue after getting a barrage of reports from various users, and invented a set of probable fixes, which, amazingly, remedied the problem for the vast majority of users.

Furthermore, the team dug even deeper to determine the specific origin of the problem, and some of their findings were made public. They are listed below.

Multiple IP Addresses: On rare occasions, the error occurs due to both an incorrect IP address and an incorrect port.

When a request is submitted to the server, it checks the IP address and port, and if they are correct, the request is approved and the connection is formed.

When an ISP assigns a user a static or non-uniform IP address, and the same IP address is provided to another user, a difficulty emerges, and the server is mystified as to how the same IP address is relaying from two different users.

Firewall: It’s very likely that the Windows firewalls are preventing you from connecting to the server. You must add the Java files-cum-directory file to the exclusion list to convince the firewall that you trust the connection.

Obsolete or Old Version of Java: Minecraft requires the most recent version of java to run smoothly, and if it detects that your version of java is obsolete.

It may display some unexpected problems on your screen, disrupting your gaming experience. Furthermore, the most recent version includes bug fixes and other enhancements.

The problem could potentially be caused by the fact that the game launcher has been upgraded to the current version, but the machine’s java is an older version.

As a result, conflicts will arise, and the connection to the server will be disrupted. To avoid this, make sure that Java is always updated to the most recent version.

Incompatible Software: One of the causes of the issue could be incompatible software. Some software has an aversion to specific softwares, and as a result, they annoy other software, making it difficult for them to work at their best.

Viruses: Viruses such as Trojan Horse are damaging to the system, and they replicate with such elegance and skill that antivirus software is unable to identify and remove them.

They operate in stealth mode, which could be one of the reasons for the occurrence mistake.

How to Resolve the Io.Netty.Channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException Error

Connection refused: no further information error on Minecraft, according to AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException.

Assuming you have a basic comprehension of the essence of the cause that results in the inaccuracy.

As a result, we’ll move on to the solutions. Keep in mind that you must follow the procedures exactly as they are written; otherwise, the game may malfunction.

As a result, please double-check that you’re following the steps exactly as they’re written. The solutions are listed below.

Solution 1: Resetting the Internet

Your ISP assigns you a new IP address whenever you connect to the internet. The IP address is either fixed or dynamic.

Here, we’ll turn off the router completely and see if it still works. To do so, we’ll need to do a few simple steps:

Step 1: Disconnect the router’s power supply.

Step 2: Wait a minute or two before re-connecting the plug to the power source.

Step 3: Once the router is turned on, try connecting to the server and verify whether the issue persists.

This changes the existing IP address to a new one, and if another user has been assigned the same address, it will be reset and you will be able to connect to the server.

Furthermore, resetting the router improves internet speed, and as speed improves, so does the router’s capacity to connect to the Internet.

Solution 2: Adding Firewall Exceptions

The connection to the server is most likely being blocked by the default Windows firewall. To fix this, we’ll tell Windows to enable Minecraft files to connect to the server through the firewall. To accomplish this, we will

Step 1: Open the settings menu.

Step 2: Select ‘Update and security’ from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Firewall & Network Protection in Windows>>

Step 4: Scroll down and pick the option “Allow an app via Firewall.”

Step 5: Tap ‘Yes’ on the warning screen after clicking ‘Change setting.’

Step 6: Select ‘Allow another app’ from the menu and then ‘Browse’.

Step 7: Select the game-cum-the-launcher programme executable files from the game’s installation directory.

Step 8: Repeat the previous steps, but this time go to the installation directory where the Minecraft servers are installed.

Step 9: Double-click the “Maxwell” folder, followed by the “MinecraftServer” folder.

Step 10: In the method described above, allow both the java executables placed in the same folder.

Step 11: Do the same thing as before, but instead of selecting’Allow another app ‘, scroll down and you’ll find a list of apps. Allow the’Java Platform SE Binary’from both the’Private’and’Public’networks.

Step 12: Now that you’re done, open the Minecraft launcher and see whether the problem reappears.

The problem is unlikely to occur because we have instructed the Windows Firewall to allow Minecraft to connect to its server.

Solution 3: Inputting the IP Address and the Port

If you use a static IP address or a temporary address, the address will change every time the user resets the router.

As a result, in this stage, we’ll check the IP address, correct the port, and add the game to the Minecraft launcher. In order to accomplish this, we will

Step 1: Open command prompt by typing’cmd’into the run dialogue box, or by going to the Start Menu and selecting Command Prompt from there.

Step 2: Right-click cmd and select ‘Run as administrator’ from the context menu.

Step 3: Type’ipconfig’in the command prompt window and press the enter key. ‘IPV4 address’ should be scribbled someplace.

Step 4: Additionally, navigate to Minecraft servers>> Maxwell>>MinecraftServer and open the’Server properties text document ‘.

Step 5: Take note of the ‘Server port’ entry. In most circumstances, the number is the same as that of other users, but in a few rare cases, the number may be different, albeit the chances are different.

Step 6: Go to the ‘Play Multiplayer’ option in Minecraft.

Step 7: Select the server you want to join by clicking on it and selecting ‘Edit’ from the options underneath.

Step 8: The server can be anything, but the address must be the IPV4 address that we noted before, as well as the port number. ‘ XXX.XXX.X.X: 11898 “; 11898 is the port number, which may or may not be different.

Step 9: Select ‘Done’ from the drop-down menu. Refresh the page to see if the problem still exists.

It’s important to keep in mind that some softwares are incompatible with particular Minecraft code fragments and files. Uninstall or alter the directory of any such software that you have installed on your computer.

Those programmes are almost certain to cause a conflict, therefore uninstall them to avoid the issue.


In a nutshell, the specific source of the problem is unknown, but the causes listed above may be the ones that set it off.

After all, a game is a mound of code with billions of lines, and if it produces a mistake, pinpointing the issue and correcting it is a difficult operation.

Faulty codes are occasionally to blame for such mistakes, while other times it’s the users’ hardware .There are numerous factors at play, making determining the specific cause challenging.

Even when the developers find the source of the problem, it is only half-solved. However, the procedures stated above should work.

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