10 Best Resume Builder Apps for Android

There is no doubting that searching jobs is a very stressful task. People should be able to make their resume without piling on to that stress. You see, resumes are quite crucial as they serve as one single document that can be sent out to various employers.

A resume contains the contact information, job history and references along with all sorts of other valuable data that employers demands. Today it lot more easier to present a well-made resume with all the vital information other than filling out countless applications.

Moreover, majority of jobs require both resume and applications anyway and it is always good to be prepared. Given below are some of the top resume builder applications for Android users. They are very helpful for CVs for all the academics out there.

Resume Builder Apps

10 Best Resume Builder Apps for Android

1 – Aristoz Resume Builder Free

Aristoz Resume Builder Free is a very reasonable resume builder application. It comes with 75+templates for different kinds of jobs. Moreover, users can also download the end result in a PDF format in the end if they wish to.

All these feature for FREE! The templates are customizable and users can very easily share them with their email or cloud storage as well. The finished product will be saved on their downloads folder. Some of its users complained about their resumes being deleted in situations where they left the application and then came back.

However, it is totally fair to overlook this minor glitch as it is one of the very few free resume builder applications which are 100% free of cost. Aristoz is supported by ads.

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2 – CV Engineer

It is a quite popular application in this space. CV Engineer features loads of simple controls, resumes and users can export them in PDF format once they are done. Users simple have to fill out all the fields until the whole resume is finished.

As scary and difficult as it may seem initially but let us assure you that it is easy enough for about anyone to use it. The application was created by a recruitment consultant which suggests that all its templates are pretty decent for just about any job. Users can create their CVs and resumes free of cost and contribute later if they wish to.

3 – Free Resume Builder

Free Resume Builder is created by Magnetic Lab. It is one of the top free resume builder applications. It has a lot of customizable sections for all sorts of resumes that its users wish to build. This also includes an advanced resume editor using which users can reformat the template to their liking.

Other features of Free Resume Builder includes PDF format support, option to duplicate their resumes, users can also use a photo if they wish to. In conclusion, we are really impressed but the user interface and the information input of Free Resume Builder. It is pretty easy to use and looks great. Users can pay $1.49 for in-app purchase in order to remove ads if they like.

4 – LinkedIn

Nobody needs an introduction on LinkedIn. The service is a job search website mixed with a social media website along with a source of info for different types of professionals. The profile of users basically serves as their resume. They can put their background, education experience and job experience on it.

They can then connect with employers and can apply for jobs on the website itself. LinkedIn has its various ups and downs both in its functionality as well as popularity. However, it is quite easily the biggest site online which does what this application does.

It also has an outstanding professional learning application known as Linked Learning for people who wish to brush up on their job skills.

5 – Microsoft Word

You will be surprised to know that Microsoft Word is the original app for making resumes. People used Microsoft for making resumes till this date and they have for decades now. The application has templates and it also leverages its word processing abilities to make some really neat stuff.

Users can export in various different formats which includes Word’s native format or PDF if they choose. Although it’s mobile version is not just as good and does not posses all the templates but it surely does have a good basic options. Users are likely to have more good luck on the desktop version or the web version of the app if they can have access to them.

6 – Resumaker

It is an upcoming resume builder application. It covers all the basic stuff. Users can do both CVs and resumes using Resumaker. If offers multiple templates for both. Resumaker is very easy to use. It is quite easy to fill resumes and export them. Users can customize every single letter of their resume if they have to and they can even make is bright and colourful if they wish to.

Resumaker exports to PDF formats as most resume builders do. Its templates look clean mostly. The application is absolutely free of cost with ad support. Although there are few minor bug complaints but we assure you it is nothing serious.

7 – Resume Builder App Free

It is an app by 23apps.com. It is yet another reasonable competent application for making resumes. The application boasts many templates for both CVs and resumes. Additionally, Resume Builder App exports to PDF and also includes a cover letter. Users can add photos of themselves if they wish to.

Resume Builder App does all the basics right and it is free of cost for everyone. The app is supported by ads. Thus, it is highly recommended. However, 23apps.com also has a second resume application which is called Resume App.

Resume App costs $4.99/month. But it puts watermarks on the resumes in its free version. We recommend the app we linked as the other version by the developer is not that good.

8 – Resume Builder Free CV Maker

Although Resume Builder Free CV Maker is a weird name for an application but believes us it does a great job on users’ resumes. The app boasts 50+ templates for both CVs as well as resumes. Users also get an auto-save feature, PDF support, multiple resumes, email support and is comparatively customizable.

Users should be able to find all of the features to make a decent CV or resume using this application. However, there have been some complaints regarding the frequency of the advertisements, but it is a free app so one can only bear with it.

In conclusion, there is nothing flashy about Resume Builder Free CV Maker app, it just serves the function of making acceptable CVs and resumes.

9 – Top Resume

Top Resume is certainly not the most famous resume builder application on our list. But frankly speaking it does quite a job on resumes. The application has various different templates, as usual it exports to PDF format and it is quite easy to handle.

And we’ve got to admit that these are really good trifecta of features for an application which makes resumes for free. All the process of creating resumes is quite hassle free and the application is absolutely free to use with an ad support like all the other free resume builder apps on our list.

Although there are certainly some things that users wish to see changed in the app. And developers appear to be quite active within the app’s review section and improvements can be expected in the near future.

10 – Job Search Apps

A lot of job search applications have a resume builder as the part of their whole package. One such example is of Job Search. Majority of job search applications do not advertise their resume builder but at least half of them have one.

It is a great way of finding a job as users can create their resumes and find potential employers instantly to send those resumes to. But of course this whole process locks its users into the ecosystem of the Job Search app but there is nothing to complain about as long as the users find themselves a job via it.

Details About the Resume Builder Apps:

Introduction to Resume Builder Apps

Resume builder apps are software tools designed to simplify the process of creating a resume. These apps guide users through crafting a resume step-by-step, offering various templates, customization options, and helpful tips to enhance the overall quality of the resume.

Key Features of Resume Builder Apps

  • Wide Range of Templates: These apps typically offer a variety of templates, catering to different job industries and personal styles.
  • Customization Tools: Users can customize their resumes by changing fonts, colors, layouts, and adding personal touches to make their resumes stand out.
  • Guided Steps and Tips: Many apps provide step-by-step guidance and tips for writing effective content, such as work experience descriptions and skill listings.
  • Integration with Job Search: Some apps offer features like direct application submission or integration with job search platforms, streamlining the job application process.

Benefits of Using Resume Builder Apps

Resume builder apps offer numerous advantages:

  1. Ease of Use: These apps simplify the resume creation process, making it accessible even to those with little to no design experience.
  2. Professional Designs: The templates provided are designed to meet professional standards, ensuring that the resume is visually appealing and organized.
  3. Time-Saving: By offering a structured format and pre-written content suggestions, these apps save users a significant amount of time.
  4. Customization: The ability to customize templates allows users to create a resume that truly reflects their personality and professional journey.

User Experience and Accessibility

Resume builder apps are designed with user experience in mind. They are typically easy to navigate, with clear instructions and an intuitive interface. Most are accessible on various devices, including smartphones, making it convenient for users to work on their resumes anytime, anywhere.

Choosing the Right Resume Builder App

When selecting a resume builder app, users should consider factors such as the variety of templates offered, customization options, ease of use, and any additional features like cover letter builders or interview preparation tools.

The Impact on Job Hunting

Resume builder apps have significantly impacted the job hunting process. They have democratized the ability to create a professional resume, making it easier for job seekers to present their qualifications in the best light possible.

Privacy and Security Considerations

When using these apps, it’s important to consider privacy and security, especially when entering personal information. Users should opt for apps with strong privacy policies and secure data handling practices.

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Finding a job today is a very daunting task. Interviews after interviews and amidst all the stress it is always good to get some help from wherever one can. Resumes plays a crucial part is getting a job nowadays. It is very important to carry a resume with yourself if you are seeking for a job.

A resume is nothing but a combined document of all your educational degrees and work experiences along with some references. But that is not all, it also present your personality before all the employers you wish to be hired under.

A neat resume represents that you take your job seriously and carry the potential of becoming a great employee. You confidence and good representation on your resume can convince your employees that you are indeed an asset for their firm.

But amidst all the stress of getting a job we don’t want that you waste your crucial time on small tasks. But as small as making a resume appears it is definitely a game changer at the end of the day. In this guide we presented a list of free yet highly efficient apps that you can use for creating your resumes fast and easy.

All the apps are thoroughly checked. You can trust any of the above mentioned apps for creating your CVs and resumes. Although a paid app does beautifies your resume but if you are someone who cannot afford their premium plans we assure you the apps on our list will do your work just fine. Good luck with you resumes and CVs and thank you for reading!

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