Most Interesting Rice Purity Test Questions Answered by Students

Rice Purity Test is quite popular among students. As  you know the test contains 100 questions. Every student has his own story of life. In this manner he gives answers of these  questions differently. Before you give answer of the questions of Rice Purity Test; you should check out below answers for example.

Q 1. Danced without leaving Room for Jesus?

It means the distance between two people while dancing. It usually happens in the prom night. All the couples stick to each other and start dancing over slow tracks.

Danced without leaving Room for Jesus

Q 2. Been Arrested?

No, I have not been arrested by a police officer. You can simply reply in yes or no. There is no need to define.

Q 3. Ever Used Tobacco Products?

Consuming Tobacco is almost similar to taking weed and drugs. It is especially common among high school students. I have never taken it till now.

Q 4. Most Abused Drugs Is Marijuana?

One of the most abused drugs is Marijuana. It can be smoked, mixed with food and eating. People mostly take it when they are depressed or stressed. Also, if your company is bad, you get addicted to these things. I have never taken any drugs.

Q 5. Ever Been sent to the Authority for a Disciplinary Infraction?

I was a very sincere and disciplined student. I was never sent to the office of a principal for some disciplinary infraction.

Rice Purity Test Questions

Q 6. Had Police Interrogated You?

I have encountered police once, but they just asked me about the robbery that took place in our neighborhood. Nothing more than that.

Q 7. Been in A Relationship?

I have been in many relationships, but none of them worked for me. So, basically, I am single now. Whether the relationship will work or not, it all depends upon the compatibility between the two people.

Q 8. Have You Ever Had a Pregnancy Scare?

No, none of my girlfriends have ever experienced that, but it does remind me of a story. We were 11 or 12 when one of the girls at my school had sexted a guy (she was kinda famous and rich, also had a PC and cellphone to herself even at that age).

Had a Pregnancy Scare

Her friends pulled a prank on her and convinced her that she might be preggos as it was possible to conceive even by mere sexting. Boy, oh boy, was she not scared to death. Sex education is important.

8) Ever Been on a Date?

A few times. My idea of an ideal date is pretty low-key and fun. I like to keep it interesting rather than fancy because it helps in knowing your date better. Also, it’s a direct ticket to the second date. Even when the relationship goes nowhere, I still have a lot of memories to look back on.

10) Have You Been Drinking?

I’ve had alcohol but never been drunk. Sounds weird, right? Well, all I do is drink from just one cup throughout the length of the party.

11) Enjoy a Drinking Game?

Of course! Although I didn’t go beyond the usual “Never have I ever” and Beer pong. I don’t go extreme as I’m already pretty low on alcohol tolerance. My hangovers can be a handful to deal with.

12) Ever Received A Call From Police?

Once I threw a party at my house, and my parents were not at home. We all partied so hard that my neighbor called the police to shut us down.

13) Seen A Exotic Dance?

Nops. I have never seen any stripper in action. However, one of my friends told me about his experience. He went to some strip club in Bangkok. He enjoyed it very much and even danced with them.

14) Been Convicted of A Felony?

No, I have never committed felonies. I have set boundaries for myself. I have been a very crazy kid but knew what to do and what not. Sadly, not everyone is the same.

15) Joined The Mile High Club?

Not yet. But it sounds interesting. I want to try this once with my boyfriend as it will be fun.

16) Been Put on Disciplinary Probation?

Never. I was a very sincere and disciplined student. So, never been put on Disciplinary Probation or Suspended. One of my friends got suspended from high school because he fought with someone.

17) Run for the Police?

I have not. From my point of view, it is not a good idea. Also, it’s better to commit your crime if you have done. Don’t try to be over smart as one day you have to pay for your crimes.

18) Peed in Public?

No, I have never thought of doing this. Also, urinating in public is illegal in some states. So try not to do this as it is a crime.

19) Held Hands Romantically?

Yup. Many times. It’s very common nowadays among youngsters. It looks so romantic and sweet. The first time I held someone hands, romantically was in high school.

20) Has The Police Handcuff You?

I am not handcuffed by police until now, and I don’t want to. So, I usually stay away from things that lead to crime.

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