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Rice Purity Test is a type of personality development or personality analyzing test, which is designed as a fun game or test that helps the fresher in college or we can provide the 0-week students of the college as an opportunity to get along and open up with their seniors, classmates, and others.

The Rice Purity Test usually contains a long list of questions, i.e., 100-200 questions. The questions are generally about the things or experiences of students regarding crime (if done anything illegal), drugs, cops/police or sexual activities they had done or witnessed, etc. or any other naughty or fanatic things, they had done.

The Rice Purity Test

However, the test is not only about sharing the things a person had done in the past but also helped in analyzing their personality and their innocence. It helps students look out and develop their personality by calculating the score generated as a result of Rice Purity Test. The higher the score is the purer a person is considered, or you can say a person is considered more innocent.

How Rice Purity Test Started?

The first ever Rice Purity Test was made and conducted for women’s only around in the middle of 1924 or so by the students of Rice University. Later on, the Rice Purity Test was issued by the University of Columbia in a humor magazine, in which they stated that the test is taken by the students of Barnard College and was created for only women. The motive of taking this test was to clear up some misconceptions about girls in Columbia.

Afterward, the Rice Purity Test became popular, and more & more students started participating, that made the Rice Purity Test more of like a fun game rather than just a personality development test. The number of students participating in Rice Purity Test started increasing gradually, then in 1980 Massachusetts, Institute of Technology, Baker House conducted a test having 100 questions for both female as well as male students too and named it UNISEX PURITY TEST.

With the world being modernized with time Rice Purity Test became more familiar with lots and lots of students participating in this test, college authorities conducting tests encouraging students to participate.

How to Make your Rice Purity Test Score Better

If you want to make your ice purity test score better, you might need to consider steps or things named below.

<1> Obey Law

Staying away from crimes is very important not only for making your Rice Purity Test score better, but also to develop a healthy personality. Crime can be done or take place anywhere at any time in your neighborhood no matter how safe we assume it is. One can avoid getting into such situations or can prevent themselves from crime by simply setting reasonable goals in your life.

Stay Away from Crimes

A person who is committed to his/her work and is passionate about it, and knows that attempting a crime of any kind can be harmful to career and life. Therefore, they try not to be indulged in any crime. One must not commit any crime and try to stop any crime; it is the one way to live in a healthy society with less and less crime happening.

<2> Follow Social Orders

It is another important aspect, as when people give respect to people in society, people feel respected and safe. Respecting our society is not only helpful for others but also us also, e.g., if you respect another person, then other people also respect you back, as a way of their gratitude.

Respect for Society

Being respected by people, help us from being depressed, or social anxiety. It helps in the healthy development of one’s personality like small children of growing age and teenagers, etc., when other people in society respect us, we feel happy, accepted, and grateful.

<3> Study is Road to Happiness

We must remember/note that no matter what education is one thing everyone ha right to. Education helps growing children, teenagers to think thoroughly, appropriately with a healthy mind. However, by education, we don’t just mean going to school, studying books and doing homework but, the ethics and morals children learn from family and society.

Education Comes First

No matter if the child is a school going or college going grown up, good education always helps in developing a healthy personality. As quoted by Anton Chekhov

“Wisdom does not come from age, but from education & learning.”

Therefore, we must learn and teach good ethics and morals, by educating ourselves as well as others, as it is an indicator of a kind and mannered personality.

<4> Value your Time

Staying away from distractions helps us to stay concentrated, focused, and determined, which ultimately results in developing a good and healthy personality individually.

Rice Purity Test

Always check up on yourself emotionally, mentally as well as physically, because distractions are not always external, one can witness distractions from within. If a person is stressed, anxious, depressed or have any social fear or are mentally unstable, often end up doing things which are not healthy and become dangerous for oneself and the other people around as well.

Therefore, stay calm and check up your progress and never stress out yourself by overdoing your work and never stress out yourself by overworking for your goals. A healthy mind is as equally crucial for a healthy lifestyle as like a healthy body.

<5> Improve Personality

Never forget that one should always improve themselves, with better and healthy ideas & thoughts. It is always recommended to be a better version of yourself.

Improve Personality

A person who is improving with society and time; it shows that they are aware of what’s going on around them is a sign of a healthy mind.

<6> Be A Fitness Freak

Keeping yourself healthy is the must do a thing. Health is the complete well-being of the person, not just physically but socially and mentally/emotionally also.

A Good Health Improves Rice Purity Test Scores

A healthy mind always thinks new and creative ideas, the person with healthy mind & body keeps themselves away from crimes, respects each n every individual and always gives a helping hand to ones who are in need. Hence one should always stay healthy as it plays a major role in developing an individual’s personality.

<7> Make Genuine Relationships

We all know how important relationships can be and are for individual, how can they help in grooming an individual’s personality. However, we must know that its not only about having relationships but healthy relationships, which helps you to grow as a person, broaden your mind and calms your support system.


Therefore, healthy relationships are important for a healthy state or well being of mind & improving your personality.

<8> Enjoy your Culture

Culture plays a crucial role in developing someone’s personality; It teaches a person how to see everyone with equality because the culture in simple words refers to the beliefs and norms of a specific group of people. Therefore, we can say that culture is one of the important aspects of shaping an individual’s personality.


Besides this person coming from the same culture or share the same culture and values, most often shows somewhere same personality traits, so it is quite evident that culture influences and develops personality on a mass level. Therefore, it is essential to share strong views and beliefs amongst the people of your culture.

<9> Drugs are Slow Death

We all are aware of the adverse effects of using drugs, taking drugs of any kind destroys, rots the ability of a person to think. Nowadays, most of teenagers or college students think it’s cool and trendy to take drugs, and this makes it very important to aware the people about the adverse and harmful after-effects of taking drugs.

Drugs are Bad for Rice Purity Test Score

Drugs are not harmful only for our mind but for our whole body, as well as career and life, because sometimes people become so addicted to them that they end up doing illegal work and crimes to get the drugs.

The Official Rice Purity Test Score Card

Scorecard in Rice Purity Test is the final analysis of the test, in which the participants are awarded marks out of 100. Generally, when you participate in Rice Purity Test, you are asked to tick on the things who have had done in the past, each of the questions carries a mark based on how naughty the question is.

Finally, when the participant submits his/her test for final calculation, the number of questions participant has put a tick on, their marks are added in total then are subtracted from 100, the remaining numbers are the score of the participant. One more important thing to note is that the higher scores an individual get, the more pure or innocent he/she is, so the less naughty, illegal things you do the higher your score will be.

Individuals or participants with less than 45 Rice Purity Test Score are considered to be the least pure, i.e.; it means the individual had done a lot of immoral or illegal stuff, it can also be a crime.

Wrapping Up!

Rice Purity Test can be defined as a personality test that assesses an individual’s supposed purity or their innocence in various matters which are related to sex, drugs, crime or cops, matters which encounters with or against the law.

Test awards the participants with marks, with a grade of marks starting from 0 to 100, in which getting 0 marks are considered to be least pure and 100 the purest.  The test also represents an individual’s personality, so we can say that Rice Purity Test also serves the purpose of analyzing an individual’s personality.

We can improve and make our Rice Purity Test to Score more by taking care of few things such as staying away from crime, knowing the fact that drugs are nasty & one should not take them, keep your body and mind healthy, improving your personality with time, respect other people & society, and so on.

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