5 Best Alternatives To ‘Viewster’ in 2024

Online streaming (movies, series, TV shows, etc.) has become a part of our daily routine in recent years, so it was disappointing to learn that Viewster.com, one of the most popular streaming websites, was shut down in 2019 for unknown reasons, and now when you try to find it, it redirects to a similar website called CONtv.

Viewster was a large streaming website with a large number of movies, TV episodes, and other media from a variety of sources. The website was also legal and free to use.

The movies and shows could be seen on the website, mobile app, and other platforms. However, since it was shut down, a few other streaming sites have entered the game, providing you with a wide range of movies, TV series, and even a space for anime fans, as anime has become unavoidable.


5 Best Viewster Alternatives

So, here are a few websites that will provide you a comparable streaming experience as Viewster, but some of them may cost you a few dollars for a long-term subscription.

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1. Hidive.com

Hidive.com is the first on the list. This one is for all you anime fans out there. You can choose from over 500 series, movies, and OVAs (Original Video Animation) to watch, and if you don’t see something you want, just submit them a content request and voilà!

You may now watch your favourite anime on hidive as well. Hidive offers a 30-day free trial, after which if you like it, you may purchase a subscription for a few dollars. That’s not it, though!

Other notable features include the ability to switch between censored and uncensored anime, adjust the colour of your anime subtitles, and even chit-chat with other fans while streaming in HD.

Apart from that, “simulcasts” is the nicest feature for me. Isn’t it exciting to watch anime as it’s being aired live? Additionally, dubs (dubbed anime) are available.

So, you may watch your favourite shows in your preferred language, or you can watch them with subtitles if you don’t want to. With all of the hard work put in by the hidive team, it’s clear that they’ve lived true to their tagline, “Watch where you want.”

2. Popcornflix.com

For several years, Popcornflix has been the most popular streaming website. It has a large selection of movies, TV series, and viral videos. As you scroll down their home page, you’ll see movies from every genre stated, including new arrivals, most popular, popcornflix originals, drama, comedy, romance, and many more.

They also have a slew of stand-up comedy gigs and Espanol (Spanish-language shows) listed there as the icing on top. In fact, there are numerous categories to pick from when it comes to TV shows, and if you look through the viral videos area, you’ll see that the categories FailArmy, The Pet Collective, and People are Awesome have a lot of videos.

When you choose a movie or TV show to watch, the developers have done an excellent job of providing a brief synopsis of each one, bringing it up to par with well-known websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Furthermore, these movies and episodes may be viewed utilising apps accessible on the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for iOS devices, in addition to the website itself.

They’re also available on Apple TV, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and other devices. Popcornflix, unlike hidive.com, does not fetch you anything for a short or long period of time. You may choose whether or not to sign up, and even if you don’t, the team claims that “no movie is more than two clicks away.”

3. Movies123

Another well-known streaming website is Movies123.pro. When you first visit the website, you’ll see an enormous search box where you can type in any movie or TV show you want to watch, or you can simply click the go to homepage button to browse among hundreds of titles.

There are a few options available on the website’s top navigation bar, such as genre, movies, TV series, top watched, top IMDB, and so on. They’ve shown over 20 different genres, including action, adventure, biography, documentary, horror, musical, sci-fi, sports, sitcoms, mythology, and more.

Simply put, if you can name it, you’ll be able to discover it! One other exciting feature is that, like Popcornflix.com, it not only includes a short description of all the content available, but it also has an IMDb rating and a few more data for each of them, which we usually check for while looking for nice things to watch.

You may also download whatever you want to watch and view it over and over again if you want to. Movies123.pro is also completely free of charge.

With being stated, it’s worth noting that there are a number of parallels available throughout the book, some of which may be unlawful. So, with that in mind, you are free to visit the website and enjoy the High Definition streaming experience.

4. Tvmuse.cc

The next site in the series is tvmuse.cc. As the name implies, this website is more focused on TV shows than movies. There are numerous TV programme variations available, which you will discover as you browse the website.

On the site, the shows are displayed in chronological order, starting with the most recent additions. You can either use that to find your ideal pick or go out and find one yourself. Under the TV-listing option, the same shows are listed in alphabetical order (A-Z).

The purpose of a TV schedule or calendar is to know which episode of which show is coming up or has recently been added in a date-wise order. Movies can be selected from the movies area based on your preferred genre. All of the series and movies can be watched online or downloaded for offline viewing.

Tvmuse was taken down previously, and they lost their domain as a result, therefore Tvmuse.cc is the replacement domain that is updated on a regular basis, and the updates are also documented for their followers and users.

Again, some episodes or movies may not be available on the internet as a result of this, but all you have to do is file a request, and they will add it for free in no time. With all of the amazing features provided by the website, there is one annoyance.

If you click on anything on the page, it takes you to another website; nonetheless, aside from that, this is a fantastic alternative for TV series enthusiasts.

5. Sidereel.com

Last but not least, there’s sidereels.com, a website dedicated only to TV programme fans. It allows you to search through hundreds of interesting TV shows and watch them online. When you first visit the website, it displays the top shows of the month, which are divided into genres such as top dramas and top comedy shows, along with their average rating.

You can choose from over 50 genres under the genres section, or simply search for a series on your own. Sidereel also features a function that allows you to find your favourite TV series. The schedule of live shows from various networks and shows is offered in the calendar.

As a result, you can find out when your favourite show will be broadcast. Articles related to shows are also available on the website, which will keep you up to date on the latest gossip and trends. This website, like the others mentioned above, provides a summary of the selected show as well as its rating.

Despite the fact that the website does not appear to be very interesting, it contains a large number of high-quality shows for its visitors. Fans can evaluate the shows based on their preferences, and if there is a mistake in a show, users can easily report it to the creators, who will investigate. You can even create a free account and stream your selections with ease.

Details About the Viewster Website:

Introduction to Viewster

Viewster was an online streaming service that offered a range of films, TV shows, documentaries, and more, with a strong focus on anime and gaming content. Known for its free, ad-supported model, Viewster provided an accessible platform for diverse entertainment needs.

Key Features of Viewster

  • Diverse Content Library: Viewster boasted a unique collection of content, including a notable selection of anime, classic movies, documentaries, and gaming-related videos.
  • Free Streaming Service: One of the major draws of Viewster was its free-to-use nature, making diverse content accessible without subscription fees.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform featured an intuitive interface, simplifying the process of browsing and watching content.
  • Regular Content Updates: Viewster regularly updated its library, adding new titles and episodes to keep its content fresh and engaging.

Variety of Content and Accessibility

Viewster’s content variety was one of its standout features. The platform was particularly popular among anime enthusiasts, offering a range of anime titles that were hard to find on other streaming services. Additionally, its selection of documentaries and unique indie films catered to a niche audience.

The platform’s accessibility as a free, ad-supported service made it an attractive option for users. However, the trade-off for free access was the presence of advertisements throughout the content.

User Experience and Performance

The user experience on Viewster was generally positive. The site’s layout and design focused on ease of use, with clearly categorized content and a search function for easy navigation. The streaming quality was dependent on the user’s internet connection but was generally considered satisfactory for a free service.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Viewster operated legally, with content either licensed or provided through partnerships with content creators. This legal operation set Viewster apart from many free streaming services that often exist in a legal grey area.

Viewster’s Place in the Streaming Service Industry

Viewster carved out a niche in the streaming industry by focusing on content not typically prioritized by larger streaming platforms, particularly anime and gaming. This focus allowed it to cater to a specific audience effectively.

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To sum up the article, I only want to emphasise that you should choose a website based on your interests and convenience, as not all of them are free for lengthy periods of time, and not all of them simultaneously stream anime, TV series, and movies.

So, seek up what you’re looking for and then proceed to the link provided to stream your favourite movies, series, anime, or whatever you want.

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