19 Best ‘YesMovies’ Alternatives To Watch Movies & TV Shows

Sitting home in boredom and wondering whether to watch a movie but stuck as to which site you should visit to watch a movie without any disturbance? Nobody likes to watch a movie if the site is constantly jamming or fails to respond. It makes us feel agitated. Right?

You need not worry cause in this blog, I am going to tell you 19 sites similar to Yes movies, that you can navigate to experience a joyful movie streaming with your loved ones, that too without any hassle. The sites are compared based on the user interface, quality of the content, and ease in filtering movies.

So, let’s jump into the list of top sites to binge-watch your favourite tv shows and movies that too without spending any penny on it.


19 Best YesMovies Alternatives to Watch Movies & TV Shows

1 – Amazon prime

The first and foremost choice is definitely Amazon prime. The site is user friendly and the quality is top-notch. For more convenience, you can download the app. Obviously, it’s paid as you need to be a prime member, however, I assure you that the benefits you receive are worth every penny.

By availing the prime membership, you can read books, tune in to your favourite songs, store photos. In fact, you can enjoy fast delivery of the products you order on Amazon. Isn’t that great? In case you have any doubt, I highly recommend taking a 30-day free trial and you’ll thank me later.

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2 – Vumoo

If you want a free movie streaming app with high-end experience, just hop into VUMOO. The best part is- it doesn’t require you to sign up, this eliminating the most tedious task. This site delivers all the information you need about a movie from IMDB ratings to movie plot and the time duration, it’s an excellent feature which you get for free.

The quality of the video is a high definition, hence there’s nothing much to complain about,  except it doesn’t provide a filter option, rather there’s a search bar wherein you have to enter the tv show or movie name.

3 – Moviesjoy

In case you want quite a similar site like yesmovies, you need to visit moviesjoy. The user experience is similar in nature. Moreover, it’s best if you want to watch the latest HD movies. The highlighting point is it provides various links options, thus, if one server is banned in your country, you can simply try another.

Like other sites, it provides advanced filtering options, which allows you to sort movies based on genre or country. This is one of the best sites as it has zero ads and you don’t have to create an account to watch the movies.

4 – Watchfree

The watchfree has been working for a long time, so you can absolutely rely on it. If you wish to watch top rated movies, watchfree is a one-stop destination for you. You don’t have to look back. Moreover, the site doesn’t ask for signup or downloading the video prior in order to watch. Hence, it’s the most preferred choice.

5 – Cmovies

A free solution to Netflix is what we all want. Well, Cmovies is the perfect solution. It doesn’t have any dodging downloads and signup options, unlike other movie streaming sites. In addition to it, you can access Bollywood, Hollywood, and movies from around the world, since it supports various countries. It also has an IMDB section, wherein you can stream the top-listed IMDb movies.

6 – CineBloom

If you are constantly poked by the pop-ups, I must say that you need to check Cinebloom. The other features are the same as it offers two filtering options along with a search bar and no need to create an account to watch a movie. It has a simple user interface with easy navigation and obviously add-free movie streaming.

7 – Bmovies

Since most of the time fmovies are blocked or don’t respond, you can switch to bmovies. It has a vast array of movies in all its categories thus, you can reach out to whatever you want. Moreover, if you are a fan of tv series, you can explore it here as it offers multiple tv shows from the USA, China, Korea, and Taiwan.

If you have streamed movies on 123movies, you’ll notice that although the layout is the same, browsing experience and quality is much better of bmovies. However, the only con is that this site shows numerous disturbing ads or popups like other free movie streaming sites.

8 – LookMovie

The unique feature about lookmovie is it allows you to resume movies from where you left unlike other free streaming sites. Apart from that, it has an advanced search tool that allows you to pick your preferred movie or tv shows by sorting it on the basis of year, genre, or IMDb ratings. Though it contains a few ads if you close it, it won’t annoy you.

9 – Yomovies

It’s a perfect site to watch Hindi and English movies due to the fact that it has a huge collection of it with a well-managed browsing layout. Though, It lacks in its filtering and sorting options. I feel it still provides a huge database of latest as well as old movies, we can overlook its drawback.

Besides, it also has a great collection of latest tv shows from Voot, Netflix, and amazon prime as well.

10 – Moonline

It’s a platform to binge-watch old movies, though it has few latest movies as well. It’s a great alternative to yesmovies. The only drawback is that when you click play to watch a movie it will take you to some random sites so you have to close it and click on the play button again, then the movie will start.

11 – Freeflix

Freeflix is a novel movie streaming platform and doesn’t ask for a cumbersome registration process. The outstanding feature of this platform is it doesn’t show any pop-ups whether or not an ad blocker is activated or not.

Like all other movie streaming sites, freeflix also provides sorting options based on your personal choice. However, if you want to watch tv series, then this site isn’t ideal as it doesn’t provide that feature as of now.

12 – Flixtor

This site shows everything you need to know before watching a movie like a trailer, ratings, plot, thereby providing you an enriching experience. Though the site does contain ads, however one you close them they won’t pop again.

Another fun part about the site is, it allows you to watch popular movies of the day, movies currently in theatres and it also recommends movies for you.

13 – Hindilinks4u.to

If you are a Hindi movie fanatic, then check out this site. It has a similar interface as yesmovies, though the video quality is fine. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t require you to register, you can select from thousands of Hindi movies, dubbed Hindi movies, tv-series, and the documentaries.

Under each genre for say, drama, romance, comedy, action and so on it offers you a wide selection to choose from.

14 – Movie4u

This site has got some recent updates, even after that, the site’s interface is a bit unusual. Not to worry, as you can browse all the popular movies as well as tv series from multiple genres. In Fact, it allows you to navigate within the site quite easily, thus you can filter and sort the movie you want to watch.

Talking about streaming quality it is excellent. It takes just a few seconds to search trending or top IMDB rated movies. Another thing I love about the site is that it clearly displays the release year of a specific movie or tv series without having to search for it.

15 – 123Movies.ch

It is yet another alternative to yesmovies, with simple filtering options. It has three default options such as – top-rated movies, featured movies, and most viewed movies. With a click of a mouse button, you can go through all the details of a movie from ratings to a movie plot.

Whenever you’ll click on a play button it will redirect you to another window, in such a case you have to close that window and click on the play button again. Once you click on the play button it will enable you to select from various server options, thus click on the one server if it doesn’t work try another.

16 – PrimeWire

Since the update, primewire has gotten better with distinguishing features compared to other free movie streaming sites. In addition to it, it provides you with a huge collection of movies and shows to stream from. Furthermore, it provides you various server options in case one doesn’t work.

You may enjoy additional features like creating your own playlist, participating in movie discussions, and providing feedback about a specific movie you watch. Before watching a movie you can refer to feedback and ratings in the comment section.

17 – XMovies8

Another option for yesmovies is xmovies8. To be honest this site constantly bugs you with annoying advertisements. Therefore, I will highly recommend you to install an adblocker extension using free movie streaming sites.

However, it also offers umpteen collections of movies and has a simplified sorting option. In addition to it, the site also provides options for quality and resolution modifications, etc.

18 – HackIMDB

This site works perfectly, provided you have AdBlock installed, else you will be disturbed by the repetitive ads. It also has all the amazing features like any other free movie streaming site. The site offers you two server options to choose from. In a nutshell, compared to yesmovies, it’s a good option overall.

19 – PutLocker

The last on my list is Putlocker which might top the lists for many of you due to its streamlined layout apt for browsing movies and tv series.

The movies are arranged in the format of A-Z, you can also choose from other diverse categories – IMDb rated movies, genre, country wise or simply by typing the movie in the search bar. Under each category, you can find a whole lot of movie options. The site does not require any signups or entering details.

Details About the YesMovies Website:

Introduction to YesMovies

YesMovies is an online streaming site that offers users the ability to watch movies and TV shows for free. It has gained a significant following due to its extensive library, ease of use, and the no-cost access it provides to a wide range of entertainment options.

Key Features of YesMovies

  • Extensive Content Library: YesMovies boasts a diverse collection of films and television series across various genres, from mainstream blockbusters to indie films and regional cinema.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The site is known for its clean, intuitive layout, making it easy for users to search for and navigate through its extensive content library.
  • Quality Streaming Options: Despite being a free platform, YesMovies offers multiple streaming qualities, including high-definition, to enhance the user’s viewing experience.
  • Regular Content Updates: The site is regularly updated with new releases and latest episodes of TV shows, keeping its content fresh and engaging for regular users.

Variety of Content and Accessibility

YesMovies offers a wide range of content, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. From the latest Hollywood releases to classic movies, international films, and binge-worthy TV shows, the platform provides something for every type of viewer.

As a free-to-use platform, YesMovies is particularly appealing to users who prefer not to pay for streaming services. However, the free access means that the site is ad-supported, and users may encounter pop-ups and advertisements while streaming.

User Experience and Performance

The user experience on YesMovies is generally positive, with the platform known for its straightforward navigation and reliable streaming. The website’s design focuses on minimizing user effort in finding and watching content.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

It’s crucial to address the legal aspects of using YesMovies. The site operates in a legally grey area by hosting a vast amount of copyrighted content without proper authorization. This raises several legal challenges and scrutiny from authorities, and users should be aware of the potential legal risks involved in accessing such platforms.

Safety and Security Concerns

While YesMovies is a popular platform, concerns about safety and security are prevalent. The risk of encountering malware and other cyber threats is a concern, particularly with the presence of intrusive ads and pop-ups.

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Here is the compiled list of best alternatives to yesmovies. I hope the above options are enough for you and that you may experience effortless movie streaming. In case there are other options that I haven’t mentioned, feel free to comment down below.

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